The Album

Abba: Abba - The Singles (Limited-Numbered-Edition) (Colored Vinyl)

Abba: Abba -3x 7Singles - The Singles (Limited-Numbered-Edition) (Colored Vinyl)

Neu & OVP

Die neue 7"-Single-Box von ABBA

Zum 40. Jubiläum ihres fünften Studiowerkes »ABBA – The Album« gibt es 2017 eine ganz besondere Neuauflage der Singles, und zwar auf drei farbigen 7"-Vinyls: Hier ist »ABBA – The Singles«.

Das Album erschien ursprünglich am 12. Dezember 1977. Als Singles wurden die Songs: »The Name Of The Game« mit der B-Seite »I Wonder (Departure)«, »Take A Chance On Me« mit »I’m A Marionette« sowie »Eagle (Short Version)« mit »Thank You For The Music« ausgekoppelt.

Für die Neuauflage »ABBA – The Singles« wurden die Songs nun auf blaues, rotes und gelbes Vinyl gepresst.

Ein besonderes Highlight für alle Schallplattenfreunde unter den ABBA-Fans: die 7"-Single-Box »ABBA – The Singles«.


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                         VARIOUS ARTISTS / MCCARTNEY




                             THE ART OF MCCARTNEY

Various Artists-The art of MCCartney -Vinyl

Various Artists-The art of MCCartney -Vinyl 

4 LP-Box -Coloured Vinyl -180 Gr. - Neu & OVP

The Art of McCartney is a celebration of the music of Sir Paul McCartney performed by some of the world's greatest artists with Paul’s band, including: Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, The Cure, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, Brian Wilson, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Barry Gibb, Jamie Cullum, KISS, Chrissie Hynde and MANY more. All aspects of Paul’s catalogue have been explored from The Beatles to his early solo work, to Wings and his later solo career. The Art Of McCartney is an audiophile’s dream – a triumphant coming together of extraordinary talent.

Track Listing


A1       –Billy Joel      Maybe I'm Amazed          
A2       –Bob Dylan  Things We Said Today      
A3       –Heart           Band On The Run 
A4       –Steve Miller           Junior's Farm          
A5       –Yusuf / Cat Stevens*       The Long And Winding Road      
A6       –Harry Connick, Jr. My Love 


B1       –Brian Wilson          Wanderlust 
B2       –Corinne Bailey Rae           Bluebird       
B3       –Willie Nelson         Yesterday    
B4       –Jeff Lynne   Junk  
B5       –Barry Gibb When I'm 64           
B6       –Jamie Cullum         Every Night 


C1       –Kiss   Venus And Mars/Rock Show     
C2       –Paul Rodgers         Let Me Roll It          
C3       –Roger Daltrey        Helter Skelter         
C4       –Def Leppard          Helen Wheels         
C5       –The Cure Featuring James McCartney           Hello Goodbye 

LP 2 - SIDE B         

D1       –Billy Joel      Live And Let Die     
D2       –Chrissie Hynde      Let It Be        
D3       –Robin Zander & Rick Nielsen     Jet      
D4       –Joe Elliott    Hi Hi Hi         
D5       –Heart           Letting Go 


E1       –Steve Miller           Hey Jude      
E2       –Owl City      Listen To What The Man Said    
E3       –Perry Farrell          Got To Get You Into My Life       
E4       –Dion (3)      Drive My Car          
E5       –Allen Toussaint     Lady Madonna       
E6       –Dr. John      Let 'Em In 


F1       –Smokey Robinson So Bad          
F2       –The Airborne Toxic Event          No More Lonely Nights    
F3       –Alice Cooper          Eleanor Rigby         
F4       –Toots Hibbert With Sly & Robbie         Come And Get It    
F5       –B.B. King     On The Way
F6       –Sammy Hagar       Birthday 


G1       –Robert Smith         C Moon        
G2       –Booker T. Jones    Can't Buy Me Love
G3       –Ronnie Spector     P.S. I Love You        
G4       –Darlene Love         All My Loving 


H1       –Ian McCulloch       For No One 
H2       –Peter Bjorn And John      Put It There 
H3       –Wanda Jackson    Run Devil Run         
H4       –Alice Cooper          Smile Away 

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The Beatles

                                                              Happy Christmas Beatle People !

The Beatles - Happy Christmas Beatle People ! - Vinyl

The Beatles - Happy Christmas Beatle People !

Limited Edition on seven - seven Inch coloured Vinyl

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                                                     David Bowie

                                                 Loving The Alien

David Bowie -Loving the Alien -Vinyl Box




Disk: 1

  1. Modern Love (2018 Remastered Version)

  2. China Girl (2018 Remastered Version)

  3. Let's Dance (2018 Remastered Version)

  4. Without You (2018 Remastered Version)

  5. Ricochet (2018 Remastered Version)

  6. Criminal World (2018 Remastered Version)

  7. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) [2018 Remastered Version]

  8. Shake It (2018 Remastered Version)


Disk: 2

  1. Look Back In Anger (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  2. "Heroes" (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  3. What In The World (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  4. Golden Years (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  5. Fashion (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  6. Let's Dance (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  7. Breaking Glass (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  8. Life On Mars? (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  9. Sorrow (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  10. Cat People (Putting Out Fire) [Live '83] [2018 Remastered Version]

  11. China Girl (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  12. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [Live '83] [2018 Remastered Version]

  13. Rebel Rebel (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  14. White Light / White Heat (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  15. Station To Station (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  16. Cracked Actor (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  17. Ashes To Ashes (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  18. Space Oddity / Band Introduction (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  19. Young Americans (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  20. Fame (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]

  21. Modern Love (Live '83) [2018 Remastered Version]


Disk: 3

  1. Loving The Alien (2018 Remastered Version)

  2. Don't Look Down (2018 Remastered Version)

  3. God Only Knows (2018 Remastered Version)

  4. Tonight (2018 Remastered Version)

  5. Neighborhood Threat (2018 Remastered Version)

  6. Blue Jean (2018 Remastered Version)

  7. Tumble and Twirl (2018 Remastered Version)

  8. I Keep Forgettin' (2018 Remastered Version)

  9. Dancing With The Big Boys (2018 Remastered Version)


Disk: 4

  1. Day-In Day-Out (2018 Remastered Version)

  2. Time Will Crawl (2018 Remastered Version)

  3. Beat Of Your Drum (2018 Remastered Version)

  4. Never Let Me Down (2018 Remastered Version)

  5. Zeroes (2018 Remastered Version)

  6. Glass Spider (2018 Remastered Version)

  7. Shining Star (Makin' My Love) [2018 Remastered Version]

  8. New York's In Love (2018 Remastered Version)

  9. '87 And Cry (2018 Remastered Version)

  10. Bang Bang (2018 Remastered Version)


Disk: 5

  1. Day-In Day-Out (2018)

  2. Time Will Crawl (2018)

  3. Beat Of Your Drum (2018)

  4. Never Let Me Down (2018)

  5. Zeroes (2018)

  6. Glass Spider (2018)

  7. Shining Star (Makin' My Love) [2018]

  8. New York's In Love (2018)

  9. '87 And Cry (2018)

  10. Bang Bang (2018)


Disk: 6

  1. Up The Hill Backwards (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  2. Glass Spider (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  3. Day-In Day-Out (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  4. Bang Bang (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  5. Absolute Beginners (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  6. Loving The Alien (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  7. China Girl (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  8. Rebel Rebel (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  9. Fashion (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  10. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [Live Montreal '87] [2018 Remastered Version]

  11. All The Madmen (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  12. Never Let Me Down (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  13. Big Brother (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  14. '87 And Cry (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  15. "Heroes" (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  16. Sons Of The Silent Age (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  17. Time Will Crawl / Band Introduction (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  18. Young Americans (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  19. Beat Of Your Drum (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  20. The Jean Genie (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  21. Let's Dance (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  22. Fame (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  23. Time (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  24. Blue Jean (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]

  25. Modern Love (Live Montreal '87) [2018 Remastered Version]


Disk: 7

  1. Shake It (Re-mix aka Long Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  2. Blue Jean (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  3. Dancing With The Big Boys (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  4. Tonight (Vocal Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  5. Don't Look Down (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  6. Loving The Alien (Extended Dub Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  7. Tumble And Twirl (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  8. Underground (Extended Dance Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  9. Day-In Day-Out (Groucho Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  10. Time Will Crawl (Dance Crew Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  11. Shining Star (12" Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  12. Never Let Me Down (Dub / Acapella) [2018 Remastered Version]


Disk: 8

  1. Let's Dance (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  2. China Girl (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  3. Modern Love (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  4. This Is Not America (The theme from 'The Falcon And The Snowman' (2018 Remastered Version) - David Bowie / The Pat Metheny Group

  5. Loving The Alien (Re-mixed Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  6. Don't Look Down (Re-mixed Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  7. Dancing In The Street (Clearmountain Mix) [2018 Remastered Version] - David Bowie And Mick Jagger

  8. Absolute Beginners (2018 Remastered Version)

  9. That's Motivation (2018 Remastered Version)

  10. Volare (2018 Remastered Version)

  11. Labyrinth Opening Titles / Underground

  12. Magic Dance

  13. As The World Falls Down

  14. Within You

  15. Underground

  16. When The Wind Blows (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  17. Day-In Day-Out (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  18. Julie (2018 Remastered Version)

  19. Beat Of Your Drum (Vinyl Album Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  20. Glass Spider (Vinyl Album Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  21. Shining Star (Makin' My Love) [Vinyl Album Edit] [2018 Remastered Version]

  22. New York's In Love (Vinyl Album Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  23. '87 And Cry (Vinyl Album Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  24. Bang Bang (Vinyl Album Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  25. Time Will Crawl (Single Version) [2018 Remastered Version]

  26. Girls (Extended Edit) [2018 Remastered Version]

  27. Never Let Me Down (7" Remix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  28. Bang Bang (Live - Promotional Mix) [2018 Remastered Version]

  29. Tonight (with David Bowie) (Live) [2018 Remastered Version] - Turner, Tina

  30. Let's Dance (with David Bowie) (Live) [2018 Remastered Version] - Turner, Tina

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David Bowie

                                                  Who Can I Be Now  1974 - 1976

David Bowie- Who can i be now

David Bowie - Who Can I be now


13 LP's


Erscheinungsjahr 2016


Neu & OVP




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David Bowie

                                                              A New Career In A New Town 1977-1982

David Bowie -A New Career In A New Town 1977-1982 -Vinyl

David Bowie -A New Career In A New Town 1977-1982 -Vinyl

13 LP Box

Neu & OVP


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D a v i d   B o w i e

                                                       Bowie  at  the   Beeb


                              The best of the BBC Radio Sessions 68-72

David Bowie

Bowie at the Beeb

4 LP

180 Gr.


Neu & OVP

Produktname:David Bowie-Bowie at the Beeb

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David Bowie

                                                              The Collaborator

David Bowie-The Collaborator

David Bowie- The collaborator -Vinyl

4 LP's  Clear Vinyl/ The Legendary Bradcast Collaborations

David Bowie Plus Guests

Neu & OVP


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The Black Crowes

                                                                  Warpaint  Live

The Black Crowes


Warpaint Live


3 LP - Hartbox




Neu & OVP

The Black Crowes-Warpaint Live Vinyl -Hart -Box

The Black Crowes-Warpaint Live  Vinyl -Hart -Box- Neu & OVP

3 x Vinyl 12" White-Limited - Record Store Day'-Edition, Slipcase Box

Rock Classics/Eagle/Silver Arrow 

Label : Back on Black rock classics




Goodbye Daughters Of The Revolution
Walk Believer Walk
Oh Josephine

Wee Who See The Deep
Locust Street

Movin' On Down The Line
Wounded Bird

God's Got It
There's Gold In Them Hills
Whoa Mule

Poor Elijah / Tribute To Johnson (Medley)
Darling Of The Underground Press
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye

Don't Know Why
Torn And Frayed
Hey Grandma







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Eric  Clapton

The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981

Eric Clapton: The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981 -9 LP -Box

Eric Clapton: The Studio Album Collection 1970-1981 -9 LP -Box-Neu & OVP


Box containing:

Eric Clapton – Eric Clapton

Derek & The Dominos – Layla And Other Songs

Eric Clapton – 461 Ocean Boulevard

Eric Clapton – There's One In Every Crowd

Eric Clapton – No Reason To Cry

Eric Clapton – Slowhand

Eric Clapton – Backless

Eric Clapton – Another Ticket 

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Eric Clapton

                                                   Give Me Strength

Produktname:Eric Clapton-Give me Strength

Eric Clapton-Give me Strength


The 74/75 recordings


3LP 180 Gr.


Neu & OVP

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Eric Clapton

                                                               Eric Clapton - Crossroads

Eric Clapton - Crossroads-Vinyl

Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Vinyl

4 LP Set -Recorded live -Madison Square Garden -New York April 12+13 - 2013

Neu & OVP

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Eric Clapton And Guests

Crossroads Revisited

Eric Clapton And Guests ‎– Crossroads Revisited (Selections From The Crossroads Guitar Festivals)-Vinyl

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Alice Cooper

                             Raise the Dead -Live from Wacken

Alice Cooper - Raise the Dead -Live from Wacken -Vinyl

Alice cooper - Raise the Dead - Live from Wacken

3 LP's + Blu-Ray +Interview + Photo Card

Neu & OVP

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The Doors

                                                                  London Fog 1966

The Doors -London Fog 1966 - Vinyl

Limited Edition, Numbered  Box Set

Die Aufnahmen zu »London Fog 1966« entstanden im gleichnamigen Club in Los Angeles. Alle neun Tracks auf dem Sampler wurden bislang nie veröffentlicht. Bis vor einiger Zeit war nicht einmal bekannt, dass sie existieren.

Es handelt sich dabei um eine Mischung aus Bluescovern, zum Beispiel von Muddy Waters’ »Rock Me« und »I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man« oder Little Richards »Lucille«, und frühen Versionen eigener Songs, darunter »Strange Days« und »You Make Me Real«. Die Aufnahmen wurden extra für die Veröffentlichung vom Doors-Tontechniker und Produzenten Bruce Botnick neu gemastert.

»London Fog 1966« umfasst eine 10"-Vinyl sowie eine CD. Zudem enthält das Box-Set im Vintage-Design diverse spannende Extras, darunter ein Poster, die Kopie einer handgeschriebenen Setlist, Linernotes und viele weitere. Jede Box ist individuell nummeriert, die Auflage ist auf 18.000 Exemplare limitiert.

Neu & OVP

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Ian Dury

                                                                          The Vinyl Collection

Ian Dury - The Vinyl Collection - Vinyl

Ian Dury - The Vinyl Collection

All 8 Studio Albums on 180 Gr. Vinyl

Neu & OVP

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Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd - Pulse - 4LP Box

Nach ihrer großen 1994er „Division Bell“-Tournee veröffentlichten PINK FLOYD im Juni 1995 den groß angelegten Live-Mitschnitt Pulse als Doppel-CD, der sich seinerzeit umgehend auf Platz 1 der UK-Charts katapultierte.
Die nun erscheinende 4-LP-Edition präsentiert die Alben in vier Innenhüllen in jeweils unterschiedlich designten Außen-Slips sowie ein 52-seitiges Booklet und erscheint in einem stabilen Schuber.
Diese neue Version wurde von James Guthrie, Joel Plante und Bernie Grundman von den Original-Tapes remastert . Aubrey Powell von Hipgnosis und Peter Curzon, der mit dem verstorbenen Hipgnosis Mitgründer Storm Thorgerson das Original-Artwork schuf, re-designten die Cover-Art.

LP 1:

  1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5, 7) [Live] [2018 Remastered Version]
  2. Astronomy Domine (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  3. What Do You Want From Me (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  4. Learning To Fly (Live) [2018 Remasteerd Version]
  5. Keep Talking (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  6. Coming Back To Life (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]

LP 2:

  1. Hey You (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  2. A Great Day For Freedom (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  3. Sorrow (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  4. High Hopes (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  5. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) [Live] [2018 Remastered Version]
  6. One Of These Days (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]

LP 3:

  1. Speak To Me (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  2. Breathe (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  3. On The Run (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  4. Time (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  6. Money (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]

LP 4:

  1. Us And Them (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  2. Any Colour You Like (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  3. Brain Damage (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  4. Eclipse (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  5. Wish You Were Here (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  6. Comfortably Numb (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]
  7. Run Like Hell (Live) [2018 Remastered Version]


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                                                       From Genesis to Revelation

Genesis -From Genesis to Revelation-Vinyl

Genesis -From Genesis to Revelation-Vinyl-Neu & OVP


Record Store Day 2015 release of the original album in mono and stereo, a bonus 12" with Singles, Demos and rarities and 3 7" "promo"-singles.

3xLP + 3x7" Vinyl Boxset // Neu & OVP

2015 Not Bad Records


Where The Sour Turns To Sweet    
In The Beginning    
Fireside Song    
The Serpent    
Am I Very Wrong    
In The Wilderness    
The Conqueror    
In Hiding    
One Day    
In Limbo    
Silent Sun    
A Place To Call My Own    


Where The Sour Turns To Sweet    
In The Beginning    
Fireside Song    
The Serpent    
Am I Very Wrong    
In The Wilderness    
The Conqueror    
In Hiding    
One Day    
In Limbo    
Silent Sun    
A Place To Call My Own    


Singles, Demos And Rarities LP
Patricia (Demo, 1967)    
Try A Little Sadness (Demo, 1967)    
She Is Beautiful (Demo, 1967)    
Image Blown Out (Demo)    
The Silent Sun (Single A-Side, 1968)    
That's Me (Single B-Side, 1968)    
A Winters Tale (Single A-Side, 1968)    
One-Eyed Hound (Single B-Side, 1968)    
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (Demo, 1968)    
In The Beginning (Demo, 1968)    
In The Wilderness (Rough Mix W/o Strings, 1968)    
One Day (Rough Mix, 1968)    
Image Blown Out (Rough Mix, 1968)    

Promo Single (1)
The Silent Sun    
That's Me    

Promo Single (2)
A Winter's Tale    
One Eyed Hound    

Promo Single (3)
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet    
In Hiding

+ 12 page Booklet with Items of Memorabilia plus a written article courtesy of Chris Welch


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Jimi Hendrix

Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts

Jimi Hendrix: Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts -8 LP -BOX

Jimi Hendrix ‎– Songs For Groovy Children (The Fillmore East Concerts-Neu & OVP


Dec. 31, 1969 - First Set

A1 Power Of Soul 5:30

A2 Lover Man 3:14

A3 Hear My Train A Comin' 9:06

B1 Changes 5:58

B2 Izabella 3:29

B3 Machine Gun 8:54

C1 Stop 5:30

C2 Ezy Rider 5:55

C3 Bleeding Heart 6:38

D1 Earth Blues 6:24

D2 Burning Desire 9:40

Dec. 31, 1969 - Second Set

E1 Auld Lang Syne 3:55

E2 Who Knows 8:40

E3 Fire 5:15

F1 Ezy Rider 4:24

F2 Machine Gun 13:51

G1 Stone Free 17:22

G2 Changes 8:06

H1 Message To Love 3:37

H2 Stop 7:02

H3 Foxey Lady 6:45

Jan. 1, 1970 - First Set

I1 Who Knows 9:32

I2 Machine Gun 12:33

J1 Changes 7:04

J2 Power Of Soul 6:19

J3 Stepping Stone 5:20

J4 Foxey Lady 6:45

K1 Stop 5:43

K2 Earth Blues 5:50

K3 Burning Desire 8:22

Jan. 1, 1970 - Second Set

L1 Stone Free 13:25

L2 Power Of Soul 9:10

M1 Changes 9:33

M2 Message To Love 5:25

N1 Machine Gun 12:13

N2 Lover Man 2:35

N3 Steal Away 5:53

O1 Earth Blues 6:21

Jan. 1, 1970 - Second Set (Continued)

O2 Voodoo Child (Slight Return) 5:45

O3 We Gotta Live Together 9:29

P1 Wild Thing 3:13

P2 Hey Joe 3:57

P3 Purple Haze

90,00 €

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Michael Jackson

                                                    The Music that inspired the Movie

Michael Jackson ‎– The Music That Inspired The Movie _vinyl




Box Set, Limited Edition, Numbered
4 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Neu & OVP



129,99 €

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Udo Lindenberg

                                                     Unter Linden

Udo Lindenberg -unter Linden

Udo Lindenberg - Unter Linden


6 LP's


Neu & OVP

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                                            Udo Lindenberg




Udo Lindenberg - MTV Unplugged 2 (Viermaster-Vinyl-Edition)

4 x 180g-Vinyl 12"- 20page Booklet -  Limited Edition-  Box Set


Ich träume Oft Davon Ein Segelboot Zu Klau'n
Hoch Im Norden (feat. Jan Delay)
Wenn Du Durchhängst
Du Knallst In Mein Leben (feat. Deine Cousine)

Meine Erste Liebe (feat. Nathalia Dorra)
Radio Song (feat. Andreas Bourani)
Der Malocher

Cowboy Rocker (feat. The Last Bandoleros)
Alles Was Sie Anhat
Kleiner Junge (feat. Gentleman)

Wir Ziehen In Den Frieden (feat. Kids On Stage)
Bist Du Vom KGB 2018 (feat. Maria Furtwängler)
Niemals Dran Gezweifelt

No More Mr. Nice Guy (So'n Ruf Musste Dir Verdienen) (feat. Alice Cooper)
Bananenrepublik 2018 (feat. Marteria)
Lady Whisky

König Von Scheißegalien 2018 (Walk On The Wild Side)
Durch Die Schweren Zeiten (I'll Carry You) (feat. Angus & Julia Stone)

Kugel Im Colt
Alles Im Lot Auf Dem Riverboat
Der Astronaut Muss Weiter

Sandmännchen (feat. Panikorchester)
 (feat. Panikorchester)
Good Bye Jonny (feat. Panikorchester)
Sternenreise (feat. Jean-Jacques Kravetz)


110,00 €

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Bob Marley

                                                                 Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues

Bob Marley -Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues -Vinyl

Bob Marley - Exodus 40 - The Movement Continues  - Vinyl

The Movement Continues als   Limited-Super-Deluxe-Edition auf insgesamt sechs Schallplatten. Diese umfasst neben allen Tracks der 3-CDs-Box eine zusätzliche 12"-Vinyl mit der »Punky Reggae Party« sowie die beiden 7"-Singles »Waiting In Vain«/»Roots« und »Smile Jamaica (Part One)«/»Smile Jamaica (Part Two)«. Abgerundet wird das Ganze von einem Booklet.

Neu & OVP

99,99 €

  • 2,2 kg
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Gary Moore


Gary Moore ‎– Treasures - Vinyl - Box

Gary Moore ‎– Treasures - Vinyl - 8 LP -Box - Neu & OVP

Gary Moore ‎– Treasures - A Vinyl Collection
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Green
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Crystal Clear
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Blue
2 × Vinyl, LP, Album

115,00 €

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Nirvana -Nevermind -4 LP -Set

Nirvana -Nevermind - 4 LP set 180 Gr.-Vinyl

Neu & OVP


95,99 €

  • 2,98 kg
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                                              Dig out your Soul

Oasis-Dig out your Soul-Vinyl

Oasis - Dig out your Soul-Vinyl

11 Track CD Albim-DVD-40 Min.

4x 180 Gramm Vinyl

Deluxe 24 Page hardback Book

Neu & OVP

89,99 €

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                                                       The Police

             Every Move You Make:The Studio Recordings

The Police: Every Move You Make:The Studio Recordings - Vinyl

The Police: Every Move You Make:The Studio Recordings-Limited-Edition-6LP-Box 

Neu & OVP

139,99 €

  • 2,6 kg
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Tom Petty & the Heatbreakers

           The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1( 9 LP's) - (1976-1991 )

TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 (1976 - 1991)


The Complete Studio Albums Volume 1 (1976 - 1991)




  • Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers* (1976)
  • You're Gonna Get It!* (1978)
  • Damn The Torpedoes* (1979)
  • Hard Promises (1981)
  • Long After Dark (1982)
  • Southern Accents (1985)
  • Let Me Up (I've Had Enough) (1987)
  • Full Moon Fever (1989)
  • Into the Great Wide Open (1991)

199,99 €

  • 4,3 kg
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Red Hot Chilli Peppers

                                                  Stadium Arcadium

Red Hot Chilli Peppers-Stadium Arcadium

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Stadium Arcadium


4 LP Box


Neu & OVP

145,00 €

  • 1,9 kg
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                                                              A Live One

Phish - A Live One Vinyl - 4 LP Box Set Red and Blue Vinyl

Phish - A Live One -   4 LP Box Set  - Red and Blue  Vinyl - 180 Gramm




"A Live One"
Pressed on 180 gram red and blue split colored vinyl. Includes digital download code.

Label: Jemp Records
Cat #: JEMP 1089
Year Release: 2017

Track List:
A1 Bouncing Around The Room 4:08
A2 Stash 12:31
B1 Gumbo 5:14
B2 Montana 2:04
C1 You Enjoy Myself 20:57
D1 Chalk Dust Torture 6:48
D2 Slave To The Traffic Light 10:46
E1 Wilson 5:07
E2 Tweezer (Part 1) 12:56
F1 Tweezer (Part 2) 18:20
G1 Simple 4:53
G2 Harry Hood 15:11
H1 The Squirming Coil 12:30





89,99 €

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The Smashing  Pumpkins

                       Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

The Smashing Pumpkins -Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness -Vinyl

The Smashing Pumpkins -Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness -Vinyl-4 LP-Box -USA Ausgabe -Neu & OVP

EAN -Nr.5099997855316

149,99 €

  • 2,42 kg
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The Smashing  Pumpkins

                                                  The Aeroplane Flies High

The Smashing Pumpkins


The Aeroplane flies high


5 LP

2013 Virgin Records



The Smashing Pumpkins-The Aeroplane flies high -Vinyl

The Aeroplane flies high -Vinyl 

LP - Vinyl -Box


Disk: 1

  1. Bullet With Butterfly Wings

  2. ...said sadly

  3. You're All I Got Tonight

  4. Clones (We're All)

  5. A Night Like This

  6. Destination Unknown

  7. Dreaming

Disk: 2

  1. 1979

  2. Ugly

  3. The Boy

  4. Cherry

  5. Believe

  6. Set The Ray To Jerry

Disk: 3

  1. Zero - Smashing Pumpkins

  2. God

  3. Mouths Of Babes

  4. Tribute To Johnny

  5. Maquis In Spades

  6. Pennies

  7. Pastichio Medley

Disk: 4

  1. Tonight, Tonight - Smashing Pumpkins

  2. Meladori Magpie

  3. Rotten Apples

  4. Jupiter's Lament

  5. Medellis Of The Gray Skies

  6. Blank

  7. Tonite reprise

Disk: 5

  1. Thirty‐Three

  2. The Last Song

  3. The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)

  4. Transformer

  5. The Bells

  6. My Blue Heaven





159,99 €

139,99 €

  • 2,1 kg
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                                                 A Place for us to Dream

Placebo - a Place for us to Dream- Vinyl

Placebo - A Place for us to Dream -Vinyl

Limited Edition Pressing 20 Years of Placebo

Deluxe 4 LP Set

Neu & OVP

99,99 €

  • 1,6 kg
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      News Of The World


Queen - News Of The World 40th Anniversary - Vinyl Box Set

Queen - News Of The World 40th Anniversary - Vinyl Box Set 

Neu & OVP


Anlässlich des 40. Jubiläums der Veröffentlichung von Queens Album News of the World 1977
erscheint ein großartiges Boxset ihres Meilensteins, das erste in dieser Form für ein Studioalbum der
Das neue Package enthält das Originalalbum auf CD sowie: eine weitere CD mit einer neu
angefertigten ‘alternativen’ Version des kompletten Albums, mit dem Titel Raw Sessions. eine dritte
CD, Bonus Tracks, mit einer Menge zwar bereits veröffentlichter, aber trotzdem sehr schwer
aufzutreibender Versionen von Tracks von News of the World – Liveaufnahmen von Konzerten und
Radioauftritten sowie alternative Mixe. Darunter ist auch die komplette, fünf Songs umfassende, letzte
Livesession für BBC Radio von Oktober 1977, sieben Livemitschnitte von NOTW-Songs und seltene
Backingtracks und Instrumentals von Queen-Klassikern wie We Will Rock You, We Are The
Champions, Spread Your Wings, Get Down, Make Love und Fight From The Inside. ein rein analoger
Re-cut der original Vinyl-LP, direkt von den ungemasterten analogen Master Mixtapes eine brandneue,
einstündige Doku, Queen : The American Dream, auf DVD – mit Backstagematerial, das während
ihrer News of the World-Tour 1977 in den USA entstanden ist


A1 We Are The Champions
A2 Sheer Heart Attack
A3 All Dead, All Dead
A4 Spread Your Wings
A5 Fight From The Inside
B1 Get Down, Make Love
B2 Sleeping On The Sidewalk
B3 Who Needs You
B4 It's Late
B5 My Melancholy Blues
C1 We Will Rock You (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C2 We Are The Champions (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C3 Sheer Heart Attack (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C4 All Dead, All Dead (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C5 Spread Your Wings (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C6 Fight From The Inside (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C7 Get Down, Make Love (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C8 Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C9 Who Needs You (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C10 It's Late (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
C11 My Melancholy Blues (Bob Ludwig 2011 Master)
D1 We Will Rock You (Alternative Version)
D2 We Are The Champions (Alternative Version)
D3 Sheer Heart Attack (Original Rough Mix)
D4 All Dead, All Dead (Original Rough Mix)
D5 Spread Your Wings (Alternative Take)
D6 Fight From The Inside (Demo Vocal Version)
D7 Get Down, Make Love (Early Take)
D8 Sleeping On The Sidewalk (Live In The Usa 1977)
D9 Who Needs You (Acoustic Take)
D10 It's Late (Alternative Version)
D11 My Melancholy Blues (Original Rough Mix)
E1 Feelings Feelings (Take 10, July 1977)
E2 We Will Rock You (Bbc Session)
E3 We Will Rock You (Bbc Session)
E4 Spread Your Wings (Bbc Session)
E5 It's Late (Bbc Session)
E6 My Melancholy Blues (Bbc Session)
E7 We Will Rock You (Backing Track)
E8 We Are The Champions (Backing Track)
E9 Spread Your Wings (Instrumental)
E10 Fight From The Inside (Instrumental)
E11 Get Down, Make Love (Instrumental)
E12 It's Late (Usa Radio Edit 1978)
E13 Sheer Heart Attack (Live In Paris 1979)
E14 We Will Rock You (Live In Tokyo 1982)
E15 My Melancholy Blues (Live In Houston 1977)
E16 Get Down, Make Love (Live In Montreal 1981)
E17 Spread Your Wings (Live In Europe 1979)
E18 We Will Rock You (Live At The Mk Bowl 1982)
E19 We Are The Champions (Live At The Mk Bowl 1982)
F1 Queen: The American Dream (Dvd)

89,99 €

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                                                                         Out Of Time (25th-Anniversary-Edition)

R.E.M. - Out Of Time (25th-Anniversary-Edition) - Vinyl

R.E.M.: Out Of Time (25th-Anniversary-Edition) (remastered) (180g) (Limited-Edition)  -3 LP Set

Neu & OVP

44,99 €

  • 1,1 kg
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                                                                 Ramones Single Box

The Ramones Vinyl Singles Box Set 1976-1979 Limited Edition RSD 2017

Ramones Vinyl Singles Box Set 1976-1979 Limited Edition RSD 2017

limited edition Nr. 1376 Neu & OVP

Label: Rhino Records 081227944018, Rhino Records R7 556160, Sire 081227944018, Sire R7 556160, Ramones Productions Inc. 081227944018, Ramones Productions Inc. R7 556160

Format: Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered 

2 × Vinyl, 7", Single, Reissue, Remastered 

8 × Vinyl, 7", Single, Reissue 

Country: USA & Europe

Released: 22 Apr 2017

Genre: Rock

Style: Punk

Record Store Day 2017 exclusive, 6500 numbered copies released.

This box set contains the repros of classic Ramones 45s spanning from 1976 to 1980.

Blitzkreig Bop and A side of I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend are taken from 2016 remaster of the 1976 stereo mix.


1A Blitzkrieg Bop

1B Havana Affair

2A I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend

2B California Sun/I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You (Recorded Live at The Roxy, Los Angeles)

3A Swallow My Pride

3B Pinhead

4A Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

4B I Don't Care

5A Rockaway Beach

5B Locket Love

6A Do You Wanna Dance?

6B Babysitter

7A Don't Come Close

7B I Don't Want You

8A Needles & Pins

8B I Wanted Everything

9A Rock 'N' Roll High School

9B Do You Wanna Dance? (Live Version)

10A I Wanna Be Sedated (Mono)


10B I Wanna Be Sedated (Stereo)



119,99 €

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                                                         Echo of Miles

Produktname:Soundgarden - Echo of Miles

Soundgarden - Echo of Miles


6 LP- Box


Limited Edition


Neu & OVP

109,99 €

  • 2,1 kg
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Black Sabbath

                                                 The Ultimate Collection

Black Sabbath-The Ultimate Collection-Vinyl

Black Sabbath-The Ultimate Collection


4 LP's


Erscheinungsjahr 2016


Neu & OVP

68,99 €

  • 1,1 kg
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  • 1 - 3 Tage Lieferzeit1


                                                              The Roadrunner Albums 1985-1996

Sepultura - The Roadrunner Albums :1985-1996-Vinyl

Sepultura -The Roadrunner Albums :1985-1996 -Vinyl

6 LP Box on Coloured Vinyl

Neu & OVP



85,99 €

  • 4,73 kg
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                                                                         The Vinyl Hoard

Saxon -The Vinyl Hoard (180g) (Limited Edition Box Set) (Gold Vinyl)

Saxon - The Vinyl Hoard - Vinyl

 Hier nun die 2. Saxon LP Box auf Demon Records - Acht Live-Alben in einer Box (4 Doppel-LPs im Klappcover), gestaltet durch den berühmten Künstler Paul Gregory (der bekannt ist für die Gestalltung von Saxon Covern und J. R.R. Tolkien Illustrationen).
Alle LPs sind als 180gr Gold Vinyl gepresst worden. Eine Box, die das Herz eines jeden Sammlers und Fans von Saxon höher schlagen lässt.

Die Box enthält: THE DOGS OF WAR TOUR. Aufgenommen auf Tour in Deutschland 1995. Featuring: Dogs Of War, Denim And Leather, Wheels Of Steel.

THE LIONHEART TOUR. Aufgenommen auf Tour durch Frankreich, England & Deutschland 2004. Featuring: Lionheart, Court Of The Crimson King, Are We Travellers In Time.

A NIGHT OUT WITH THE BOYS. ZUM 25. JUBILÄUM DES NWOBHM – aufgenommen während der Tour duch Deutschland & Schweden 2005. Featuring: And The Bands Played On, Suzie Hold On, Stand Up And Be Counted.

ROCK SOUND FESTIVAL. Aufgenommen in der Schweiz 2006. Featuring: Backs To The Wall, Princess Of The Night, Crusader

Neu & OVP

85,99 €

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                                                               Eagles & Dragons



Neu & OVP

Disk: 1

  1. Solid Ball Of Rock

  2. Altar Of The Gods

  3. Requiem (We Will Remember)

  4. Lights In the Sky

  5. I Just Can't Get Enough

  6. Baptism Of Fire

  7. Ain't Gonna Take It

  8. I'm On Fire

  9. Overture In B - Minor / Refugee

  10. Bavarian Beaver

  11. Crash Dive

Disk: 2

  1. Forever Free

  2. Hole In The Sky

  3. Just Wanna Make Love To You

  4. Get Down And Dirty

  5. Iron Wheels

  6. One Step Away

  7. Can't Stop Rockin'

  8. Nighthunter

  9. Grind

  10. Cloud Nine

Disk: 3

  1. Dogs Of War

  2. Burning Wheels

  3. Don't Worry

  4. Big Twin Rolling (Coming Home)

  5. Hold On

  6. The Great White Buffalo

  7. Demolition Alley

  8. Walking Through Tokyo

  9. Give It All Away

  10. Yesterday's Gone

Disk: 4

  1. Gothic Dreams

  2. Unleash The Beast

  3. Terminal Velocity

  4. Circle Of Light

  5. The Thin Red Line

  6. Ministry Of Fools

  7. The Preacher

  8. Bloodletter

  9. Cut Out The Disease

  10. Absent Friends

  11. All Hell Breaking Loose

Disk: 5

  1. Intro

  2. Metalhead

  3. Are We Travellers In Time

  4. Conquistador

  5. What Goes Around

  6. Song Of Evil

  7. All Guns Blazing

  8. Prisoner

  9. Piss Off

  10. Watching You

  11. Sea Of Life

Disk: 6

  1. Intro

  2. Killing Ground

  3. Court Of The Crimson King

  4. Coming Home

  5. Until Hell Freezes Over

  6. Dragon's Lair

  7. You Don't Know What You've Got

  8. Deeds Of Glory

  9. Running For The Border

  10. Shadows On The Wall

  11. Rock Is Our Life

Disk: 7

  1. Witchfinder General

  2. Man And Machine

  3. The Return

  4. Lionheart

  5. Beyond The Grave

  6. Justice

  7. To Live By The Sword

  8. Jack Tars

  9. English Man O'War

  10. Searching For Atlantis

  11. Flying On The Edge

Disk: 8

  1. State Of Grace

  2. Need For Speed

  3. Let Me Feel Your Power

  4. Red Star Falling

  5. I've Got To Rock (To Stay Alive)

  6. If I Was You

  7. Going Nowhere Fast

  8. Ashes To Ashes

  9. Empire Rising

  10. Attila The Hun

Disk: 9

  1. Battalions Of Steel

  2. Live To Rock

  3. Demon Sweeney Todd

  4. The Letter

  5. Valley Of The Kings

  6. Slow Lane Blues

  7. Crime Of Passion

  8. Premonition In D Minor

  9. Voice

  10. Protect Yourselves

  11. Hellcat

  12. Come Rock Of Ages (The Circle Is Complete)

  13. Coming Home [bottleneck version]


149,99 €

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                                                               Bruce Springsteen

     Vinyl Collection Vol.2 

Bruce Springsteen - Vinyl Collection Vol.2 -10 LP-Box -Vinyl

Bruce Springsteen -Vinyl Collection Vol.2-10 LP-Box

Neu & OVP

Am 18.Mai 2018 veröffentlicht Columbia Records/Legacy Recordings das nummerierte und limitierte Vinyl-Boxset Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2, 1987-1996. Die in der Collection versammelten Alben waren lange Zeit nicht erhältlich und erscheinen nun erstmals in ihrer remastered Fassung auf Vinyl. Es handelt sich um die vier Studioalben, die Bruce Springsteen in dieser Schaffensphase veröffentlichte, dazu kommen eine 12 -Version der 1988 erschienenen Live-EP Chimes of Freedom , das MTV Plugged -Special aus dem Jahr 1993 auf Doppel-LP und die 1996er Blood Brothers -EP, die zum ersten Mal überhaupt auf Vinyl auf den Markt kommt. Sämtliche LPs werden im Original-Artwork geliefert, ein 60-seitiges Booklet mit seltenen Fotos, Memorabilia und Zeitungsausschnitten aus den Jahren 1987-1996 runden das Set ab.

Die Alben auf Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2 wurden von dem renommierten Tontechniker Bob Ludwig und Springsteens langjährigem Tonmann Toby Scott anhand der originalen Analog-Masters mittels des aufwendigen Plangent Process geremastert. Um die Klangqualität zu optimieren, wurden die Songs der Longplayer 'Tunnel of Love (1987) und 'Human Touch (1992) auf Doppel-Vinyl gepresst. Das Boxset besteht somit aus insgesamt 10 Schallplatten.

Alle Studioalben, die auf Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2 zu finden sind, wurden von der RIAA mit Gold, Platin oder Mehrfach-Platin zertifiziert und die LPs erreichten die Top 5 der Billboard 200. Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2 ist der Nachfolger von Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 1, 1973-1984, einem Boxset, das die ersten sieben Studioalben von Bruce Springsteen enthält.





145,99 €

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Bruce Springsteen

                                                    Winterland 15 TH December 1978

Bruce Springsteen - Winterland 15 TH December 1978 - Vinyl

Bruce Sprinsteen - Winterland 15th December 1978

4 LP Box - 180 Gr. Vinyl - Neu & OVP

49,99 €

  • 1,1 kg
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                                                                                                                    Rocked the World 1971-1975

Slade-Rocked the World

Slade - Rocked The World - 1971 - 1975


4 LP's , 4 Single's + Buch + 2 CD


Neu & OVP



121,99 €

  • 1,6 kg
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The Sweet

                                                                   Are You Ready ?

The Sweet - Are you ready?-Vinyl

Die berühmte RCA Era beginnt 1971 mit den ersten Hits für Sweet und hält bis 1977 als die letzten Aufnahmen für das Label entstanden, bevor die Band zu Polydor wechselte. Alle fünf klassischen Studio Alben dieser Periode sind in dieser aufwendigen Box enthalten. Jede LP in der original Hülle der Erstveröffentlichung, komplett restauriert und insgesamt mit 12 Bonustitel versehen, die jetzt die LP Ausgaben zusätzlich bereichern.
Außerdem das inzwischen legendäre RAINBOW Konzert, für das in dieser Box eine ganz neue Doppel-LP gestaltet wurde und die Show erstmals komplett auf Vinyl erhältlich macht.
Ein besonderes Geschenk für die Fans schließlich stellt das große Band Poster dar, welches der Box exklusiv beiliegt.

7 LP Box -Vinyl

Neu & OVP

109,99 €

  • 3,1 kg
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Jethro  tull

                                               Jethro tull-Thick is a Brick 1 & 2

Jethro Tull


Thick As A Brick 1 & 2


2 & 180 gr. Audiophile Pressung


with rare Photos from Stage  and

 Street Tour itineraries,Studio notes and the 1972 & 2012 news


Neu & OVP



Jethro Tull - Thick As A Brick 1 & 2

159,99 €

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                                                                       Jethro Tull



Jethro Tull - Aqualung (40th Anniversary Collector's Ed.) LP + 2 CD + DVD + Blu-Ray 

Neu & OVP

89,99 €

  • 1,6 kg
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Porcupine Tree

                                                          The Delerium Years -1994 - 1997


Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years -1994 - 1997 - Vinyl

Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years -1994-1997

8 LP Box

Neu & OVP

179,99 €

  • 2,7 kg
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Porcupine Tree

                                                         The Delerium Years 1991-1993

Porcupine Tree - The Delerium Years 1991-1993 -Vinyl

9 LP Box Set

Neu & OVP

239,99 €

  • 3,4 kg
  • leider ausverkauft

Porcupine Tree

                                                   Coma Divine

Porcupine Tree-Coma Divine-Vinyl

Porcupine Tree- Coma Divine-Vinyl

3 LP-Hart- Box-Live in Roma

Neu & OVP


54,99 €

  • 1,2 kg
  • leider ausverkauft

ZZ Top


ZZ Top -Cinco -Vinyl

ZZ Top -Cinco -The first 5 LP's

Neu & OVP


119,99 €

  • 5,07 kg
  • leider ausverkauft

                                                                         ZZ TOP 

                                                                  CINCO NO.2




Disk: 1
  1. I Thank You
  2. She Loves My Automobile
  3. I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide
  4. A Fool For Your Stockings
  5. Manic Mechanic
  6. Dust My Broom
  7. Dust My Broom
  8. Lowdown In The Street
  9. Hi Fi Mama
  10. Cheap Sunglasses
  11. Esther Be The One

Disk: 2
  1. Tube Snake Boogie
  2. I Wanna Drive You Home
  3. Ten Foot Pole
  4. Leila
  5. Don't Tease Me
  6. It's So Hard
  7. Pearl Necklace
  8. Groovy Little Hippie Pad
  9. Heaven, Hell Or Houston
  10. Party On The Patio

Disk: 3
  1. Gimme All Your Lovin'
  2. Got Me Under Pressure
  3. Sharp Dressed Man
  4. I Need You Tonight
  5. I Got The Six
  6. Legs
  7. Thug
  8. TV Dinners
  9. Dirty Dog
  10. If I Could Only Flag Her Down
  11. Bad Girl

Disk: 4
  1. Sleeping Bag
  2. Stages
  3. Woke Up With Wood
  4. Rough Boy
  5. Can't Stop Rockin'
  6. Planet Of Women
  7. I Got The Message
  8. Velcro Fly
  9. Dipping Low (In The Lap Of Luxury)
  10. Delirious

Disk: 5
  1. Concrete And Steel
  2. Lovething
  3. Penthouse Eyes
  4. Tell It
  5. My Head's In Mississippi
  6. Decision Or Collision
  7. Give It Up
  8. 2000 Blues
  9. Burger Man
  10. Doubleback

109,99 €

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Dream Theater

                                                          The Astonishing

Dream Theater - The Astonishing-Vinyl

Dream Theater - The Astonishing

4 LP Box -180 Gr. Black Vinyl

Neu & OVP


4 x 180g-Vinyl - FLAC Download -2 x Gatefold In Box
Roadrunner (2016)



Descent Of The Nomacs
Dystopian Overture
The Gift Of Music
The Answer
A Better Life

Lord Nafaryus
A Savior In The Square
When Your Time Has Come
Act Of Faythe

Three Days
The Hovering Sojourn
Brother, Can You Hear Me?
A Life Left Behind

A Tempting Offer
Digital Discord

The X Aspect
A New Beginning
The Road To Revolution


2285 Entr'acte
Moment Of Betrayal
Heaven's Gone
Begin Again

The Path That Divides
Machine Chatter
The Walking Shadow
My Last Farewell
Losing Faythe

Whispers On The Wind
Hymn Of A Thousand Voices
Our New World
Power Down



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U 2

                                                                              The Joshua Tree - (30th Anniversary)

U 2 -The Joshua Tree - (30th Anniversary)-( 7LP Set) - Vinyl LP -Neu & OVP

U 2 -The Joshua Tree - (30th Anniversary)-(ltd 7LP Set) - Vinyl LP -Neu & OVP

139,99 €

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                                                                     El Greco

Vangelis -El Greco -Vinyl

1 x 180g-Vinyl, CD, DVD (Film), Book, Box Set (Decorated With Engraved Plexi Glass, Gold Foil On Black Spider

Neu & OVP

79,99 €

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N e i l   Y o u n g

                                                        Blue  Note  Cafe

Neil Young- Bluenote Cafe-Vinyl

 Neil Young - Bluenote Cafe-Vinyl

4 LP

 Reprise Records

 Limited Editon

 Neu & OVP


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                                            The Steven Wilson Remixes

Yes- The Steven Wilson Remixes

Interpret: Yes

Titel: The Steven Wilson Remixes

Inhalt: 6x LP

Neu & OVP

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L E D    Z E P P E L I N

                                                 The  Song Remains the same 

Produktname:Led Zeppelin-The Song remains the same-4 LP 180 Gr.

Led Zeppelin


The Song remains the same


4 LP 180 Gr.


Neu & OVP

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Led Zeppelin


LED ZEPPELIN - Mothership -Vinyl

Led Zeppelin - Mothership

4x 180 Gr. LP-Box

Neu & OVP

The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin
Remastering Supervised By Jimmy Page
Using The New 2014/2015 96kHz/24 bit Masters
PLUS 20-Page Bookle

Good Times Bad Times
Communication Breakdown
Dazed And Confused
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Whole Lotta Love 
Ramble On    
Immigrant Song 
Since I've Been Loving You   
Rock And Roll    
Black Dog    
When The Levee Breaks  
Stairway To Heaven
The Song Remains The Same
Over The Hills And Far Away    
D'yer Mak'er  
No Quarter   
Trampled Under Foot    
Houses Of The Holy    
Nobody's Fault But Mine    
Achilles Last Stand    
In The Evening   





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Led Zeppelin

                                                              Celebration Day Vinyl

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Vinyl

Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day Vinyl 3 LP - Box


Neu & OVP

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Led Zeppelin

                                                 How the West was won




Remastertes Audio auf vier 180-Gramm-LPs. 30 Jahre lang war es nur als illegaler Bootleg unter Hand zu haben, bis es 2003 auch offiziell veröffentlicht wurde. Das Live-Album How The West Was Won mit Live-Aufnahmen aus dem Jahr 1972 erscheint nun als upgedatete Version, die unter Jimmy Pages Aufsicht völlig neu remastert wurde. How The West Was Won vereinigt die besten Performances aus den legendären LED ZEPPELIN-Konzerten vom 25. und 27. Juni 1972 im Los Angeles Forum und der Long Beach Arena. Zusammengeschnitten und mit einer Songreihenfolge wie ein zusammenhängendes Konzert, präsentiert die 3-CD-Kollektion die beste Rockband der Welt auf der Höhe ihrer kreativen Kraft. Highlights der Aufnahmen sind unter anderem eine über 25 Minuten lange Version von „Dazed And Confused“ und ein 21-minütiges Medley auf der Grundlage von „Whole Lotta Love“. LED ZEPPELIN stellten damals zudem einige Songs aus dem damals noch unveröffentlichten Album Houses Of The Holy vor, das erst neun Monate später erschien.

EAN: 081227934156
4 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Reissue, Remastered, 180 gr.


A1. LA Drone
A2. Immigrant Song
A3. Heartbreaker
A4. Black Dog
B1. Over The Hills And Far Away
B2. What Is And What Should Never Be
B3. Dancing Days
C1. Since I've Been Loving You
C2. Stairway To Heaven
D1. Going To California
D2. That's The Way
D3. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
E1. Dazed And Confused
F1. Moby Dick
G1. Whole Lotta Love
H1. Rock And Roll
H2. The Ocean
H3. Bring It On Home

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